Au Naturale


The other day a makeup artist at Nordstrom complimented me on how nice my skin was and my first reaction was, "mhm I know" but that's only because it's been a long road to clear skin!

A few years ago I decided to go all natural with my beauty regime, that meant going off birth control as well since it contained one of the harmful ingredients I was trying to avoid (propylene glycol). Going through hormonal changes as well as using natural products that - let's face it - don't always work as good as the others, meant I had awful acne prone skin for over a year.

So instead of you going through the terrible process I did, I thought I'd share some of the revolutionary things that changed my skin and has resulted in me getting ID'd everywhere I go (#winning).

1. Hot Lemon Water

Because of our diets (I'm looking at you cheese, bread, and alcohol) we're always running a little acidic and this has a major effect on our skin. A cup of hot lemon water first thing in the morning is REVOLUTIONARY as it brings some alkalinity to our bodies and balances our pH. But as my facialist warned me, only once a day because we don't want to be too alkaline.

2. Diet

Obvs, I don't even need to go there because you already know that chocolate and chips are bad for your skin.

3. Caffeine

I quit caffeine. I know, I know. It's crazy, and it really was hard but it was giving me eczema so I had to and the unknown side effect was clearer skin and no more dark circles under my eyes. I have a feeling I'm not going to convince anyone on this one, but if the mood ever strikes you give it a try and see the results for yourself.

4. Retinol

This is a dangerous one because you don't want to use Retin-A unless prescribed by a dermatologist. That means this is a product worth investing in, no winner's/drug store finds okay? I highly recommend Osmosis MD Renew because it's all natural and low dose - it's expensive but it WORKS. Retinol is a miracle in a bottle in terms of preventing break outs and removing any skin impurities. It does cause sun sensitivity so I recommend using it at night before your night cream - if you didn't know your skin is most open and has the highest rate of absorption between 1am and 4am.

5. The Body Deli

No, not The Body Shop, The Body Deli, a small batch, all natural skin care brand based out of Palm Desert, California. Every single product I've tried has been nothing short of amazing. I cannot stress how hard it is to find all natural products that actually work and The Body Deli does not disappoint. My favourites are the Vital C Serum, Cucumber Gelee, Light Facial Emulsion, and Night Replenishing Creme. 


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