What if?


“What if?” - it’s something that we can’t help thinking but it gets us no where. Running a small business isn’t easy, I’m sure many others can relate, and recently my worrying has meant I’ve wavered on my commitment.

Two years ago, for the first time since I started my brand I took a full time job elsewhere. After working from home and for myself for so long, it was a really scary thing but stepping outside of that comfort zone offered a lot of rewards, the biggest being personal. I regained a lot of confidence which had slowly disappeared over the past several years.

Eventually though, I grew tired of the restrictions and managing - there are many benefits to working for others but the lack of freedom always brings me back to my own business. So I returned to my brand full time and since have had a case of the “what if’s”. “What if I branch out into new products, will it confuse my customer?”, “What if I expand production, will I be limited on my designs?”, “What if I stop social media promoting, will I lose my audience?”, and so on. I’m sure I’m not alone in this so seeing this reminder pop up on my Tumblr feed was the shake down I needed.

Instead of letting worry run our lives, we need to find our courage. Try new things, and if it fails, it fails, because the quickest way to find out what works is to find out what doesn’t.

Xx Alesia